Regeneration is a passive skill available at level 0 in the mental tree. It causes a wounded player to slowly regenerate health at a constant rate. Allied players standing nearby will also regenerate a small amount of health.


Harnesses a great concentration to slowly and continuously restore health to you and allies around you.

Passive Skill: is always in effect and cannot be cast

Level 1 Level 2 Level 10 Level 15
Health Restored 0.5 hp/s 1 hp/s 5 hp/s 7.5 hp/s
Allied Health Restored 0.2 hp/s 0.4 hp/s 2 hp/s 3 hp/s
Healing Range 3.3m 3.6m 6m 7.5m


  • First introduced in version 0.5.
  • Regeneration is far less useful while actually in combat, as the regeneration rate is far too slow to keep a player alive, even at high levels. However it is excellent at recovering health outside of battle. This makes it well suited for the mental skill tree.

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